New reports for our two pilots!

Jan 9, 2022

Two new reports finalized!


Year 2021 was finalized with successful submission of two next reports about transboundary pilot areas. The aim of the reports was to develop the principles of designing the Polish-Ukrainian and Estonian-Latvian transboundary groundwater monitoring network in relation to the needs of assessing their quantitative and chemical status. The recommendations were developed taking into account the potential of the existing national networks and the requirement of EU law. This report is the implementation of the first stage of creating the internationally integrated monitoring of transboundary groundwater reservoirs. The development of a joint program for monitoring the state of transboundary aquifers, which is also the task of the EU-WATERRES project.

The developed guidelines of the organization of the transboundary groundwater monitoring network are aimed at helping the national authorities responsible for monitoring groundwater in implementing the issue of transboundary monitoring. In addition, the key target group are the institutions responsible for the management of transboundary groundwater reservoirs at the national and international level and the organizations responsible for the environmental issues in terms of transboundary impacts.

An now, take a look at the reports below!

Polish-Ukrainian pilot

Principles of development of a Polish-Ukrainian transboundary groundwater monitoring network: methodological foundations and practical solutions

Latvian-Estonian pilot

Integrated groundwater observation network in Latvian-Estonian transboundary area
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